Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of Nike

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I think that Phil is a badass and I really love to dive into action takers and look at the lives of successful people. In this book Phil strikes me as a human being and a guy who tries his best with what hes got. I often stumble upon people who think that you need to be an ass or a psychopath to be a great leader. I think Phil is a good example of this. 

He tries to make the best out of things and take action while using peoples strengths to improve his business. The thing about this memoir, is you get it from Phil’s perspective and it can be hard to gauge how others have seen him as a leader. Although there is no denying the major success Nike has had with Phil as the leader and CEO.

I really think this book is a great motivational book for people in any business. Se the opportunity around you and go for it. This book belongs in my top five biographies of all time, I really enjoyed every last minute of the book. I give it a 5/5 score. It is a great view into a real risk takers life.

Lessons from this book can be broken down to 10 rules for success!

    1Have a crazy idea

    2. Get the right people and have a good team knowing the individual

    3. Build a great product, be innovative

    4. Have a reason to succeed, have passion, there will be dark moments and you really need to be ready to face them

    5. Have Perseverance

    6. Define your values

    7. Get Help, It is hard enough out there, get as much help you can

    8. Stand for something, be a postive brand and create a emotional connection

    9. Compete, be a worrier

    10. Know your mission, understand the roots and tap into the passion. It is more than just business

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About the Author

Philip Hamson Knight born in 1938 is a buisness magnate and philanthropist, co-founder and chairman of Nike. Also called Phil is ranked by forbes as the 28th richest people in the world with an estimated networth of 30 billion USD. Phil Is a graduate of University of Oregon and Stanford Graduate of Buisness. He co-founded Nike with his track coach Bill Bowerman at the Universaty of Oregon. Over the years Phil has donated in total over 2 billion USD.

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