Harvard Business Review: 10 Must Reads on Emotional Intelligence

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This book On Emotional Intelligence, I really wanted to read because, I can always improve my emotional intelligence and leadership skills. The New York Times bestseller on Emotional Intelligence is a case based and sciences backed book, well written and easy to dig into. The book was dubbed “One of The 25 Most Influential Business Management books” by TIME Magazine. With every case there is a reflection upon what could be improved, as well as a overall summary of the idea behind the case . 

This is one of those books one should put small markers in to get back to every now and then. Emotional intelligence is becoming more and more widespread as a must amongst leaders. Unlike before were more aggressive and “My way or the highway” type of leadership has been culled. This book gave me a good insight on what to focus on and gave me a checklist of ideas that I could go on with. I rate it 3.9 out of 5 because i think it is an interesting topic, well written and has some good cases in it took me longer than expected to read it as it is not a super catchy book.

My immersion in research on work performance led me realize that all too often the quality of data on which business people based people decisions left much to be desired.

Here is a little snippet checklist from the book. These are EI capabilities of leadership

1. Self Awareness – Know you own strengths, weakness, drive, principals and influence on others

2. Self regulate – Control & redirecting of disruptive thoughts, impulses, mood

3. Motivation – The pleasure of performing

4. Empathy – The understanding of others emotional composition

5. Social skills – The ability to build a relationship to others & make them go in the right direction

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Daniel Goleman is an psychologist and science journalist from California born 1946. He is a lector, a New York Times Bestseller author and has won several awards for his psychological publishings. Some of the topics Goleman has written about include: Meditation, self-deception, creativity, transparency, social and emotional learning.

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