Fight for Your Money: How to Stop Getting Ripped Off and Save a Fortune

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Fight For Your Money starts out with an introduction about how corporate interest eats up all of our hard earned money. This book serves more as a “read the parts you like”, reference work. I have a good grasp on private economics and this book still gave me more insightful knowledge. The book has a chapter for everything from travel to buying real estate. Personally I got most out of the more universally useful tips and action steps hence I live in Denmark and this book is written with a American audience in mind. It is really pick and choose with what subjects are the most useful for you. Every chapter ends with action steps related to the subjects in question as a resume.

My rating overall considering that the speaker also is a factor and there was no music, which is a plus, I give it a ⅘. I give it this score based on the usable steps for me as a global citizen and that in the audio-book there are a lot of links being read out loud. I also would like that there was a bit on investing but the author stays on topic and only gives advice about how to fight for your money not as much how to multiply it. Otherwise well written and I would recommend anyone willing to evaluate their spending!


As a rule, if a product is so unreliable that you need to supplement the manufacturer’s warranty with additional protection, you probably shouldn’t be buying it in the first place

8 Financial Rules to live by from Bach

        1. Save An Hour a Day of Your Income for Retirement

        2. Don’t Get Extended Warranties – Research your purchase

        3. Avoid Most Work-At-Home Opportunities

        4. Get Term Life Insurance

        5. Clean Out Your Mailbox

        6. Ask to Have Your Credit Card Account Closed

        7. Be Careful with Debit Cards

        8. Don’t Trade In Your Old Car – Sell it separately 

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About the Author

David L Bach is a American financial author, motivational speaker, entrepreneur and tv personality. In his early life he has been a senior vice president of Morgan Stanley and a partner of The Bach Group. Bach is best known for his Finish Rich Book and Automatic Millionaire. He has written 12 books since 1998 and has been a 9x time New York Times bestseller.

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