The 12 Principles for Winning The Mind Game

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The 12 Principles are motivational and mindset oriented. This one Is really interesting. You have to really have a open mind. I heard the audio “tapes” as bob refers to. The audiobook is one of those where you need to bear with the music in it. This personally for me, can turn me of a book real fast, but i thought that Bob Proctor was a motivational speaker and probably had some gems hidden in there. Sure enough after hearing the whole book I went back to it once in awhile these following days. 

The book is made in chapters over every power principal. This made it easy to jump right into the subject that I really felt could improve on. To be honest the music really sucks because of the intervening in the chapters. Some chapters the music is only at the start and end. There is a idea that the music should help ease one into the type of message you are about to receive. Sometimes i just let it flow but did not really feel the author’s intention.

I really like the idea that everything is a mindset from your attitude, what you do and how you communicate to others. For me specially the Attitude, confidence and action chapters really spoke to me. This book really is a pick and chose when it comes to material. I mean, I listened to the whole book to be able to review and to get a glimpse of something I could work on.

I would rate this book at a 3.5/5. I give it this score because of the constant music and that I sometimes feelt a certain ‘fakeness’ when trying to interact with the reader/listeners. The book is rather old so there aren’t many reviews for this particular piece of material.

The 12 Chapters for success!

   1Success                  7. Action

    2Decision                 8. Money

    3. Risk                         9. Goals

    4. Persistence         10. Attitude

    5. Responsibility     11. Creativity

    6. Confidence         12. Communication

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About the Author

Bob Proctor is an internationally sought after motivational speaker and became a self made millionaire after he dropedout of high-shcool. Bob has traveled the globe and spoken to thousands of people on how to believe, act and succeed. He is a canadian and has made several books on motivational topics.

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