Blitzed: Drugs in Nazi Germany


The book is about Germany under the influence of what most people would consider hard narcotics. But at the time no one knew about the consequences of taking high amounts of different substances for extended periods of time. Blitzed: Drugs in Nazi Germany covers how Germany at the time took meth like people drink coffee. You need to be critical of all sources of information, but considering how many documents gets declassified over the years it is no wonder that, more and more juicy stuff surfaces. The history is written by the winners and Germany was seen as a place where everyone was a part of the Nazi regime. A lot of the soldiers, the normal citizens and even Hitler himself was under the influence of some, of the all time hardest narcotics. This begs the question was it like we thought it was? How much was drug related and how much was just pure evil?

The fact was that between the autumn of 1941, when he started being given hormone and steroid injections, and the second half of 1944, when first the cocaine and then above all the Eukodal kicked in, Hitler hardly enjoyed a sober day.

My thoughts

I  think this book was a thrill to read. Just the idea that so many aspects of the war was based on pure “will” gets questioned when you through cocaine, methamphetamine, morphine and other deviants of the former into the mix. According to Blitzed: Drugs in Nazi Germany the blitzkrieg was not even possible, if it was not for “the little blue pill”, with meth in. The book takes you on a journey behind the scenes with the German soldiers and how Hitler’s personal doctor abuses him and others around him with hard narcotics, to keep them afloat. It becomes a deep cross addiction. I really enjoyed this book to the very end, and would recommend to anyone who enjoys history. I rate this book a 4.8/5 because I think that it is a bit to long although you get to see a 360 degree view of Germany at the time which is very well done.

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Norman Ohler was born in Zweibrücken in 1970. He is a journalist and has studied culture science and philosophy. He has earlier released novels and short stories. Norman has throughout 5 years made research in archives both in Germany and the US for this book, Blitzed; Drugs in Nazi Germany, which lead to his first non-fiction book.

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