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I always find accomplished people interesting to read about. Steve Jobs is, for some, regarded as the Dalai Lama of computers, but for some, not so much. He has made computer history nonetheless, and made Apple one of the greatest computer companies in the world. This entrepreneurial journey is a great example of will and perseverance. Steve Jobs is not always seen as a good leader, but Apple would not have been what it is today if it had not been for him and his determination, manic perfectionism as well as his vision for the company.

Three important things that define a great biography; a fascinating subject, a captivating narrative and accuracy. Isaacson hits the nail on the head of all three of these requirements and does so really well. Not that Isaacson is not biased, but every author is a bit based. As all authors, as they are human beings, Isaacson is slightly biased – however, this does not affect the book too badly We get to enter the successes, dilemmas, ups and downs of Steve’s life from many aspects. He was respected for being a good negotiator, salesman and loved to put on a good performance. He was hated for not being easy to please, being very emotional and always demanding the impossible. All of this is the dynamics of a complex personality that had a intense laser like focus with the will to change the world.

Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work

Things to learn from Steves life:

1.  Remove the unnecessary

2.  Building an A team

3.  Do and make things you believe in

4.  Collaborate often through discussion

5.  Do the impossible

6.  Simplify experiences to make them greater

7.  Own your work and protect it.

8.  Live between intellect and intuition.

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Walter Isaacson born 1952 is an journalist, american writer and university professor of tulane university. He is chairman and CEO of CNN and managing editor at Time. He has also written biographies on, Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franklin, Henry Kissinger and Leonardo Da Vinci as well as Steve Jobs

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